Road Cycling Mount Beauty

We recently stayed in Mount Beauty in Australia. Mount Beauty is very much like our base in Bourg d’Oisans situated at 400metres above sea level and sitting at the base of Falls Creek a Ski Resort on the nearby mountain approximately 25km from the summit. We have acquired a house there which is currently being renovated and will be available for self catered stays for groups upto 5 people. For more information please contact us at.

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2 Responses to Road Cycling Mount Beauty

  1. Ron Bijen says:

    Hi Phil,
    I hope your are enjoying yourself in Australia. I am intending to ride Alpe d’Huez in September this year. I ‘m trying to train for it as I am cuirrently not fit enough to do it in any sort of reasonable time. How does the climbing around Mt Beauty compare . I am sure it is easier but will it give me any ideas what I am up against.

    p.s. I am 58 and in good health and not overweight but have a way to go before I can climb for 2 hours. 2 Hours is how long I think it will take me to climb Alpe d’Huez but I may be quicker. I am currently riding around the gorges in Sydney which typically involve a climb of 200metres over
    4 Kilometres. Not quite half as steep as Alpe d’Huez.

    Cheers Ron

    Sydney NSW

    +61 402 814 077

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks for the comment. Alpe d’Huez is 13km uphill at 9 percent average so is tough. The climbing round Mount Beauty is fantastic with some longer climbs but not as steep. Mount Beauty to Falls Creak would be great training and is approximately 24km but is not as steep. Hope that helps. The more big climbs you can do before coming to the area the more you will enjoy it. Let us know if you need any accommodation in Mount Beauty or Bourg d’Oisans for Alpe d’Huez.

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