Day 2 Tour of Andalucia – The Pico de Veleta – Reconnaisance

Big ride out on day 2 combing our day 2 ride up to the Pico de Veleta with our day 3 ride to Guejar Sierra.

The morning was fresh as we started off a little later than planned for the local bike shop Sierre Nevada Bikes  to get myself a new chain for my PROMPT D211 road bike. It had been jumping through out the first day restricting me to just a few gears.

Once the chain was sorted we headed out up the steady climb to Guejar Sierra and then the mighty steep unnamed  climb up to the Pico de Veleta road. After a fantactic lunch we headed up to the ski resort of the Sierre Nevada on the Pico de Veleta road. We managed to get to 2550 metres above sea level before the road closed. There was a hive of activity up there with tacky shops renting sledges.

After a refuel in the Ski resort itself we headed back down the 35km to our base in Monachil just as the sun was setting over the mountain.

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