Bourg d’Oisan to Bristol day 7 a day in Roubaix

bourg day 7 roubaixbourg day 7 roubaixbourg day 7 roubaix

So here I am in Roubaix with friends down from London to ride the Paris Roubaix challenge tomorrow. We checked out the famous Roubaix velodrome , pretty tired looking but looking superficially good for the  cameras on Sunday, the world famous shower blocks – not really very good – think shower blocks at that dodgy camp site you stayed at once in France, and also the new velodrome that has been constructed next to the old one – impressive.

Over dinner we talked….

  • That it was going to be easy to ride as there are no hills. Yeah right the 50km of cobbles stones “aint gonna be hard”, and the cold headwind is not going to be tough.
  • How many inner tubes are you taking ?
  • Have you double wrapped your handlebar tape ?
  • Food ?
  • Pump ? Air Cartridges ? Both, ? Spare puncture repair kits ?
  • What size tyres are you running?
  • Strategy for the day start off hard ? Take it easy at the start.
  • Full legs and arm warmers or just shorts ?
  • Hat gloves scarf , winter ski jacket

Early start tomorrow to catch the bus down to Busigny for a 7-8am start. It will be good to be riding without panniers tomorrow.

Distance should be about 170km. Part 2 of my adventure starts tomorrow.


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