New Zealand Cycling Schedule

Only a few days left now before departing and my current schedule is looking something like this

15/01/2014 Transfer Plane
16/01/2014 Transfer Plane
17/01/2014 Transfer Auckland
18/01/2014 Ride Auckland
19/01/2014 Ride Auckland
20/01/2014 Ride Auckland
21/01/2014 Rest Auckland
22/01/2014 Bus/ Ride Ohakune
23/01/2014 Ride Turangi
24/01/2014 Bus New Plymouth
25/01/2014 Ride New Plymouth
26/01/2014 Rest New Plymouth
27/01/2014 Bus / Ride Wellington
28/01/2014 Boat / Ride Blenheim
29/01/2014 Bus Christchurch
30/01/2014 Ride Christchurch
31/01/2014 Ride Dunedin
01/02/2014 Ride Dunedin
02/02/2014 Bus Christchurch
03/02/2014 Ride Akaroa
04/02/2014 Ride / Pack Christchurch
05/02/2014 Transfer Plane
06/02/2014 Transfer Plane

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