Final day in New Zealand Day 22

Last day here and sat in Auckland airport waiting to fly out to Brisbane then Dubai and finally Geneva.

In no particular order here is a list of the good and less good of New Zealand.


1. Super friendly, relaxed, easy going nation.
2. The spirit of the people in Christchurch.
3. Excellent customer service at (for me) affordable prices. Such a rare thing in France ! Plus the coffee was great.
4. The real diversity in the terrain available for cyclist, flat,  undulating,  big climbs,  mountain bike trails.
5. The ferry crossing from Wellington to Picton


1. New Zealand drivers do drive a little close to you when you are riding
2. Road surface. Impecibly built roads but what’s with the rough road surface?
3. The wind howling off the Pacific
4. Hills that don’t just go straight up. They go up then down a little,  then up again and so on.
5. It’s so bloody far away.


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