Sports Massage with More Than 21 Bends

We are pleased to have met up with Katie Marsland a fellow expat living just outside Bourg d Oisans and with whom we are very happy will be working with More Than 21 Bends this summer.

Katie originally trained as a Physio in the UK and after a few years here in France and obtaining the French “bien etre” massage training, is now offering a mobile sports massage service, which we are very pleased she will be offering to our clients amongst others this summer.

It will be possible to book an appointment in advance via ourselves or directly with her during your stay.  Contact details can be found in your accommodation and also at the Prompt shop in Bourg d Oisans.

As Katie is the only native English speaker offering this service in the area we would recommend you book in advance particularly at busy weeks during the Marmotte and Tour de France.

If you would like to make a reservation in advance of your arrival contact Gayle (self catered guests) or Helen (Tour guests) and we will make the arrangements for you.wpid-wp-1402550244909.jpeg

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