Bikes with disc brakes not permitted in Marmotte 2016

If you are heading to Bourg d Oisans this summer for La Marmotte make sure you are riding disc brake free.

Cyclists taking part in French sportives, including La Marmotte, will not be able to do so on bikes equipped with disc brakes after the French cycling federation (FFC) decided to ban them. The decision follows the UCI’s suspension of a trial of disc brakes after a Movistar rider claimed to have been badly cut by one in a crash at Paris-Roubaix.

The FFC, simply stated that following the decision of the UCI of 14 April 2016, the Federal Bureau at its meeting on 14 April 2016 decided to forbid the use of disc brakes on all road events organised under the umbrella of the FFC.

This includes all French organised sportives and includes La Marmotte.

Having spoken to the event organisers we understand that they will be communicationg further information next week.

If your bike has disc brakes and you need to hire one for the event make it quick to for your event hire.

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