Mountainbike Ascent of Mont Ventoux

On a very warm July day I tackled the Mountainbike ascent of Mont Ventoux via Bedoin.

Having previously completed the 3 road routes up via Bedoin, Sault and Malaucène  I was looking for a new challenge. The summit of Ventoux is 22 KM from the start in Bedoin via the forestry roads with the last 4 km being on the Maulecene road up to Mont Ventoux.

The route up was a steady 9-10% on rough forest roads with little shade. Although not particularly technical there are enough rocks and rough areas to make it a challenge.  The route is probably best completed on a mountain bike although you could, at a push, ride a gravel bike.

In all the ride took approximately 3 hours to the summit followed by a 30 minute descent back down the road to Bedoin


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